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1955, The Kangaroo Stable forms

The Kangaroo Stable was initially formed by a group of enthusiastic Australian racing drivers who left home for England in 1955 to race sportscars in Europe. Late in 1954 Tony Gaze, a decorated WWII Spitfire pilot who had previously raced DB3/9 and convinced Lord March to use Goodwood aerodrome as a race circuit, had tried buying D-type Jaguars for the Kangaroo Stable.  When he couldn't get a firm delivery date he had a word with Aston team manager John Wyer who promised him a trio of DB3Ss in time for the start of the 1955 race season.

The Kangaroo Stable lined up at Hyeres in France for their first race. They finished 2nd., 3rd. & 4th.

The Stable consisted of drivers David McKay and Tony Gaze in DB3S/102, Tom Sulman and Jack Brabham in DB3S/103 with Les Cosh and Dick Cobden in DB3S/104.  After the tragic Le Mans of 1955 sportscar racing in Europe dried up leading to the Stable disbanding later in the year.  

Two cars 102 & 103 were exported to Australia to race, with the third (104)  finding a home in the USA.  Jack Brabham went on to F1 and eventually three world championships, McKay and Sulman returned to race in Australia with their cars while Gaze stayed on in England.


1993, The Kangaroo Stable reforms

In 1993 the Kangaroo Stable was resurrected by an expat Aussie, Kean Rogers, now resident in the USA.