Definitive book on the "X-Pack"

Custom leather binding

Bespoke limited edition of over 476 pages

Full colour photos

Never before published pictures

Archival records

 Printed on heavyweight art paper

First release in a five volume set

Detailed specifications

Contemporary road tests in full colour

Full options list for V580X

Engine builder plates

Colour charts for each Vantage built

Every V580X Vantage build sheet

Service bulletins

Engineering instructions & memos

Certification records

Price lists

Britain's First Supercar
Volume 5  V580X "X-Pack"


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Chapter 1 Vantage Evolution

Chapter 2 Production Begins

Chapter 3 Major Revisions

Chapter 4 The definitive "X-Pack"

Chapter 5 Purely Cosmetic

Chapter 6 Options

Chapter 7 Engine Builders

Chapter 8 Colours

Chapter 9

Chapter 10 Fully certified

Chapter 11 Price Lists

Chapter 12 Specifications

Chapter 13 Details gallery

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Appendix 3