Model: Canadian Specification V8 with Vantage type spoilers
Chassis # V8/11904/LCA
Engine # V/540/1904/S
Finished: March 17, 1978
Delivered: April 5, 1978
Colour: Royal Cherry
Interior: Fawn VM 3234 piped Brown DV 6592
Carpets: Dark Brown Wilton
Headliner: Fawn Wool cloth

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Summary:  This rare chrome bumper V8 with Vantage type front and rear spoilers is one of only eight Canadian cars built. (4 manuals and 4 autos)  It has been professionally sorted and maintained and is probably the finest available for purchase.  It drives brilliantly without any rattles or squeaks and all controls function perfectly.  While USA “Cosmetic” Vantages were fitted with low compression emission spec. engines creating 225-240 Bhp, this Canadian spec.V8 boasts the European “S” spec engine producing in excess of 305 Bhp with all emission gear fitted.  The car has its original air pump and carbon canisters fitted and fully functional.  US spec manifolds are available with the car to fit catalysts if needed.  The car has original tools, jack, Pioneer radio and purchase records.  It has averaged less than 3,400 miles a year. Mileage is now 79,000 and all services per Aston Martin guidelines have been completed.

This V8 is part of the Kangaroo Stable collection.  It is available for purchase after much consideration.  It was originally going to be converted to RHD and shipped to the owner’s Australian residence.  Plans changed after the owner shipped his UK Vantage to Australia.  It now shares space with another Vantage coupe and a P.o.W. Spec Vantage Volante.  Unfortunately it does not get as much use as it needs, hence it is now available to go to a new sympathetic owner who will use it more regularly and exercise it the way it likes.

History: delivered to Grand Touring Automobiles in Canada and sold new in Vancouver BC June 1979 by MCL British Cars Inc. Sold at 1200 miles to Mr. Hutton who owned the car for 17 years until 1996.  Kept at their home in Palm Desert California.  Returned to Vancouver in 1995 and sold due to divorce. Imported into USA in 1999 by K. Rogers.

Cosmetic details:  The car has been subject to a full respray in 2000.  Original Madagascar Brown colour was sanded back and repainted in two-pack Royal Cherry.
Sill covers removed and chassis inspected for rust.  None found, all exposed surfaces treated with epoxy rust preventive paint.  Sill covers polished and refitted.
Interior trim removed, cleaned and rejuvenated in original Fawn colour. Seats rebuilt with new foam and straps. New carpets in Dark Brown Wilton to compliment Dark Brown piping on leather.  New headliner in Fawn wool fitted.  Later style electric mirrors fitted and wired into original loom.  All door, boot and bonnet trim rubber replaced with factory original stock.  All electrics tested and repaired, new lights and bulbs fitted. Auxiliary driving lights (with correct wiring loom and relays) added and Vantage style front radiator blanking plate fitted.



Mechanical details:  Complete brake system overhaul. Brake servos rebuilt, master cylinder overhauled, calipers rebuilt, brake discs machined and skimmed.  New pads and non-return valves fitted.
New balanced clutch assembly fitted, flywheel skimmed and balanced, new slave cylinder and clutch master cylinder rebuilt.
Wheels stripped, machine skimmed, repainted and clear coated. New stainless wheel nuts and centre symbols fitted.

Water pump rebuilt. Front main oil seal replaced.  New belts fitted for alternator, power steering and a/c.  New heater control valve fitted.  New water hoses.  Radiator re-cored with heavy-duty matrix, new thermostat installed. New Vantage fan and clutch fitted.  Carburetors disassembled and rebuilt. Intake manifold powder coated and airbox repainted.  New fuel pump fitted and filters changed.  Cylinder heads removed and de-coked.  Valves removed, seats re-ground, valves re-seated.  Tappet clearance adjusted to specification, valve timing adjusted.  New head gaskets installed.  Heads re-fitted and torqued.  Exhaust manifolds cleaned and ceramic coated, new gaskets fitted and new brass inspection bolts. Exhaust flex sections replaced.

New rotary A/C compressor fitted.  Converted to R134, new drier and hoses.
Front end and suspension rebuilt. New bushings, ball joints and gaiters.  Koni shock absorbers overhauled.  New bearings and axle seals.  New power steering gaiters and tie rod ends.  Front end aligned.


Works preparation completed at The Kangaroo Stable

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