This car is listed on EBay In Japan.  The condition is not as described.  It has been very poorly taken care of.
It shows signs of corrosion, the mechanics have not been regularly serviced and it has been stored outside in a yard.
It is missing a lot of original pieces including headlights, door mirror caps, exhaust system from cruciform back. 
It is not in as new condition and the windscreen is delaminating
Any bidders should have the car inspected very carefully and not rely on the description on EBay.

model: Vantage Zagato

chassis no: SCFCV81Z8GTL20025

engine no: V/580/0025/X

completed: 16th Feb. 1987

body colour: Gris Fumee metallic ( Peugeot 1696/1396)

trim colour: Brown 2081

carpet colour: Brown 0644

headliner colour: Beige alcantara 3051


specification: France 511

transmission: 5 speed manual

rear axle ratio: 3.54


Works preparation completed at The Kangaroo Stable

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Copyright July 19, 2000