1969 dbs V8 Vantage prototype DBS/5002/R

Plans were made to offer the DBSV8, the first of the V8-engined Astons, in uprated Vantage form but they never came to fruition.

Aston's development engineer, Mike Loasby,  wrote of the future Vantage in his report on Development Project (DP) No. 1416 in June 1969, " In view of the enhanced speed potential of the DBS car when fitted with a 5.35 litre V8 engine in both normal and a future Vantage specification, it was decided to carry out high speed tests in order to prove the vehicle. The following aspects received particular attention: Stability and Aerodynamics; Tyres; Engine and Gearbox at sustained high speeds.” 

During tire testing in Italy the prototype achieved 172 mph with a 384 bhp engine fitted (the standard DBSV8 only offered 310-320 bhp and was good for 160 mph). The quarter mile came up in 13.5 seconds at 106 mph and 0-60 mph was done in 5.7 seconds, times comparable with the V8 Vantage that was to appear in 1977.

The car used for testing began life as a DBS Vantage but soon saw service as a development mule for the DBSV8.  Chassis number DBS/5002/R was the first of three DBS' converted to V8 power.  It served as the basis for the Vantage development mentioned above and was tested in this form by various motoring magazines in 1969.


Works preparation completed at The Kangaroo Stable

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